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The Withness of God by Jan Loyd

The Withness of God by Jan Loyd

  • December 8, 2015

Withness of God BigThe WITH-ness of our God explores the Scriptures to reveal a fresh glimpse of relationship with God in every dimension through some verbal treasures called prepositions.

"Jan helps the learner to discover so clearly that God not only wants to be with us but He is always for us and lives in us as believers. In her study, she helps the student of Scripture capture the message of the spiritual rest that we can only have in Jesus Christ. I wholeheartedly encourage all believers to do this study. You will be blessed!”

    – Dr. Wayne Barber Senior Pastor, Woodland Park Baptist Church 

The With-ness of our God

Do you realize that the Triune God offers us a relationship that encompasses every dimension, every direction, every angle, every aspect, every nuance, every everything, and every everyplace?

That’s right, our God longs that we know the reality of His loving Presence totally cocooning us in His Son by faith.

To explore this awesome truth, we go to the Holy Scriptures, to some small words that we could quickly gloss over. Don’t let these little words fool you. These words, called prepositions, are power-packed with truth for our minds, hearts, and lives.

Withness of God AuthorSo please join us in this journey through the unfathomable treasures of the Scriptures as we catch a fresh glimpse at our relationship with the Living God…all through some verbal treasures called prepositions.

With degrees in education from the University of Arizona and Bible theology from Moody Bible Institute, Janet Renner Loyd teaches adult basic literacy education (ABLE) and women’s Bible studies in Dayton, Ohio. Jan and John have been happily married for more than forty years and have two married children and five lively, young grandsons. She writes regularly on her blog

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